What is it REALLY like to travel as a couple?

Follow any travel couple on Instagram and you start to see the same things. Everyone has their romantic sunset photos, or snaps of having fun at the beach, which naturally makes the rest of us wonder whether every waking moment is truly like that. Now that we are the ones behind the screen, we thought it would be an interesting opportunity to answer some honest questions that people might have as they consider a long-haul trip with their partner, or for those that are just simply curious. Read on to find out if it really is romance and smiles all the time…

1. Do you argue?

2. Do you get sick of each other?

3. How do other travellers treat you as a couple?

4. What are the sleeping arrangements?

5. Is it cheaper or more expensive as opposed to travelling solo?

6. Is it difficult to make decisions?

7. Does it bring you closer together?

8. What’s better, travelling as a couple or travelling solo?

9. Summary

Do you argue?

Probably the most common question that comes up when a couple ventures off on their travels. From our own personal experience we can certainly warn you that there will be stressful situations. Travel plans tend to change at the last minute, and communication with locals can be difficult sometimes due to language barriers. This stuff just can’t be avoided. With that in mind, we think its fair to say that we find certain situations frustrating, more so than one another.

Travelling together has made us pretty good at realizing when the other one of us might be stressed out. One will therefore usually take charge whilst the other cools off.

Do you get sick of each other?

Going from spending a few hours together after coming home from work, to spending every second of the day with each other, is a huge transition. After the last couple of years though, we are all used to spending more time than average with our partners. And if you survived isolation together, you can survive anything!

Taking small amounts of time to ourselves though can be really helpful in maintaining our sanity. Being so close to one person for such a long period can start to feel cramped, so its important we give ourselves a little space sometimes so we can keep moving forward. This can be as simple as getting a facial, grabbing a coffee or watching football.

How do other travelers treat you as a couple?

As a couple you have a safety net in each other when it comes to social interactions. Something that we noticed very early on is that people therefore tend to interact less with couples than with solo travellers. (Granted if you’re single as well, the last people you want to be talking to are the only two people that certainly won’t be going home with you - we get it.) We just find ourselves having to make more of an effort when initiating conversations - which has been a great experience in itself. Plus, we have a whole archive of drinking games that always seems to attract a crowd pretty quickly…

‘Mines’ always seems to be a popular one… we wonder why?!

What are the sleeping arrangements?

When travelling as a couple, you still have to pay for 2 separate beds in a shared dorm room, regardless if you share one or not. Most of the time we end up bunking up together, but truth be told it never ends up being the most amazing nights sleep. So we do like to take advantage of the separate beds we pay for every now and then, or when we really feel like treating ourselves, paying for a private double room. Our bodies call out for a bit of stretching after a while, and double blankets are harder for one person to steal during the night!

Is it cheaper or more expensive as opposed to travelling solo?

Paul has experience of travelling solo, and says that travelling as a couple can be cheaper in some ways but more expensive in others. For example, taxis are always shared, but we are more likely to eat at nicer places and book into private rooms. Also, as there are two people with different interests, we end up doing more activities than a solo traveller might do on their own. Which is a positive more than anything.

Is it difficult to make decisions?

The phrase “I don’t mind” can start to sound like a broken record. As a couple we’re definitely conscious of what the other person may feel so we avoid making quick on-the-spot decisions. This can sometimes result in us pondering over something small for hours. We’re still working on that…

Does it bring you closer together?

If single beds with one thin blanket don’t bring you closer together, not much will!

What’s better, travelling as a couple or travelling solo?

Travelling solo is a life-changing experience. It will push you out of your comfort zone. The whole thing can be exhilarating, and lonely at the same time. A big plus of travelling as a couple is that you always have someone to share those experiences with.

Shared memories that last a lifetime


So it might not be romance and smiles all the time, but it certainly is for a lot of it! We have loved being on this journey together and strongly believe it’s an incredible opportunity for any couple to experience.

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