Top Things to do in Miami - 1 Day Itinerary

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Watching the sky change into Miami’s iconic pink and blue colour palette along Ocean Drive, South Beach

Welcome to Miami!

The land of Art Deco, palm trees & oversized cocktails… this city has pretty much everything you’d ever want!

There is a lot to experience in Miami so we would suggest spending at least 3 days there, however if you only have a day to cram everything in, then look no further than our 1 day Itinerary!

It is worthy to note that this isn’t a luxury list of things to do, but certainly an enjoyable one with things to see, drink & eat, all the whilst not being too strenuous on your coins.

Enjoy! xo

1 Day Itinerary

1. Grab a light breakfast at Joe & The Juice

We dined at Joe & The Juice twice throughout our whole stay, which is why it has stolen our suggested breakfast spot for this 1 day itinerary.

Don’t get us wrong though. There are definitely fancier places to enjoy a morning bite. However if you’re limited to 1 day, you probably don’t want to spend the whole time drowning in mimosas at a glam restaurant just to miss what else this beautiful city has to offer.

Instead, we’d suggest opting for the simple food menu of sandwiches and bowls at Joe & The Juice for a stress-free & tasty breakfast, enjoyed within industrial interiors popped by pink hues.

(Gluten free bread available.)

Joe & The Juice, Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

2. Ride the Miami Trolley

Offering free transport around the beach areas, the Miami Trolley is an ideal way of getting around this concrete jungle. There are multiple routes so depending on where you want to go, you may have to switch trolleys during your trip. However it’s all very easy to navigate by simply reading the signs at the designated stops.

Stop off at 17th Street & Washington Avenue to arrive at our next recommended destination…

As of October 2021, The Miami Trolley is enforcing it’s customers to wear masks as a way to control Covid-19 following the pandemic.

3. Visit Miami Beach Botanical Garden

and don’t forget your phone for those gorgeous photos!

This little gem is a natural paradise which we felt to be a breath of fresh air during our travels. Home to a beautiful array of plants and wildlife including turtles and bees, this simple yet glorious destination is a must when visiting Miami for the day.

There is a small entrance fee of $5 USD according to their website, however when we visited there wasn’t an obvious indication of where to buy a ticket nor anyone around to take our payment, so we just entered for free. This may be a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, though we are yet to confirm.

4. Drink a mimosa at Rosinella Restaurant, Lincoln Road

Lined with an irresistible array of bars and restaurants, not to mention it’s a jaw-droppingly stunning area, be sure to put Lincoln Road on your to-do list! And what better reason to visit than a cheeky late morning Mimosa?

5. Head to Little Havana for a Cuban Lunch (and mojitos!)

Now that you’ve quenched your morning thirst with a refreshing mimosa (or more, no judgements here!) you might be feeling a little peckish. We recommended visiting Little Havana for a classic Cuban style lunch with a side of mojitos (obviously.)

TIP: If you get an Uber be sure to type in the destination as Official Little Havana Visitor Centre. By doing this you will arrive in the tourist area with lots of bars & restaurants around, as opposed to in the middle of a residential area which might not be as safe.

6. Stroll around

An ideal way to walk off lunch, Little Havana is covered in stunning artworks, injecting slightly more fun and energy into your typical afternoon stroll!

7. Catch sunset at Ocean Drive, South Beach

South Beach is the perfect spot for watching the sky change into those iconic pink & blue colours that Miami is celebrated for. Ocean Drive in particular is filled with lots of cool restaurants decked in pastel tones & neon lights which make watching the sunset even more dreamy.


WARNING: Drinking on the strip is pricey. A medium cocktail will cost around $25 USD, but it is more than enough to share with 2-3 people just while watching the sky transform.

A “medium” cocktail along Ocean Drive, Miami

8. Finish with dinner & drinks in Wynwood

Ok, so we got lucky. There are family members that live in Miami so we were treated to a wonderful rooftop dinner at Astra in Wynwood (which we highly recommend if your travel budget allows for it!)

They did tell us about a series of food trucks that line the streets of the art-driven district which left our mouths drooling. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to try before flying to Mexico, so whilst we cannot give tried & tested recommendations, some street food in Wynwood sounds like the perfect way to end a day in Miami.

Astra serves up delicious Greek food and mouth-watering beverages

There’s so many places to see and things to do in Miami which sadly didn’t make it on to our list, however we hope that our recommendations above provide an insight into just how amazing this place is. With something for everyone and opportunities to explore down every street, we have no doubt that you will love Miami just as much as we do.

Lots of love, PPT xo

Please note we are not affiliated or associated with any brands featured on our blog.

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