Stay Review - The Purpose Hostel, Antigua

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Quick Snapshot

Location: The Purpose Hostel, 9 Calle Oriente #6, Antigua, Guatemala

Arrangement: 6 Bed Dorm + Private Double Room

Duration: 3 nights + 3 nights (6 total)

What we loved most: The incredible staff that go above and beyond to provide the best guest experience possible!

Our Stay Review

They say everyone has their purpose, and this hostel has a beautiful one…

“Connecting likeminded people to create a culture of enthusiasm, support and kindness that allows us all to learn & grow together.”

We are here to tell you that they are succeeding immensely.

As we arrived to the hostel for the very first time, we were greeted by the host Tatjana (a wonderful German woman who has lived in Guatemala for 7 years.) It was a big warm welcome as she listened to our story before checking us in. She showed us to our dorm room where we noticed a small white board placed upon the door. In large letters it read ‘Welcome Selini and Paul,’ a beautiful touch that instantly made us feel right at home. It also helped the guests and staff remember everyone personally. Tatjana then took the time to show us the communal areas; a practice we feel to be overlooked in most hostels (surprising really, considering it makes such a huge difference to the guest experience.)

The main reason that many travellers opt to stay in Antigua is to hike the infamous Acatenango; the most active volcano in Central America. Whilst the hostel does not get involved with your booking directly, they do highly recommend 3 different companies. Tatjana took the time to explain the pros and cons of each one. This is something we heard her do many times during our stay, with the same enthusiasm and excitement for every guest.

As the hike is overnight, the two of us discussed extending our stay at The Purpose Hostel so that we could leave and come back to the property stress-free. Sadly it was full that particular night (a testament to how popular the place is.) This left us in an uncomfortable position, albeit entirely our fault. What should we do with our luggage during the hike? The new hotel we booked into didn’t have the best storage facilities. Concerns of theft meant random storage lockers were not that appealing either. But then up-stepped The Purpose Hostel. They made space and provided us with secure storage for our belongings, despite the fact we hadn’t booked for that particular night. This is something we felt really stretched beyond the parameters of what standard hostels offer.

Luckily for us, The Purpose Hostel DID have a private room for our return. Amazing! We could fully relax and treat our legs to some much needed TLS (tender loving stretching!) It was everything that you would want from a perfect hostel room - clean, comfortable and spacious, with additional cute details like fairy lights and colourful textiles.

As for the communal areas, The Purpose Hostel has really gone above and beyond to ensure one has everything they need during their stay. Color coordinated stickers are available for peoples personal items, and those that can be shared. Heck, the coffee is tasty & free (we should have just started and ended with that shouldn’t we?)

Kitchen shelves are decked with toasty makers to Nutri-bullets.

It’s not just food items with the yellow sticker attached that guests can help themselves to, but also the selection of board games and books, promising an entertaining night in after the hike wipes you out.

The show stopper of the property is the terrace overlooking the mountain-tops, providing a serene space for yoga & mediation.

We think its clear just how much we love this place, and we’re sure you will too. So don’t wait to stay here by accident, book it on purpose ASAP! Xo

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