Stay Review - Hostel Che, Tulum

Quick Snapshot

Location: Che Tulum Hostel & Bar, Calle Polar Pte. s/n, Central Tulum

Arrangement: 8 Bed Dorm

Duration: 2 nights

What we loved most: Clean & Spacious Dorms

Our Stay Review

Inviting us with promises of beer pong nights, karaoke, and heaps of other drinking related fun, we were expecting all things party from Hostel Che.

Sadly, we didn’t see this become a reality during our stay.

Whilst the hostel does have its own bar, with a pretty impressive beverage selection, it’ll certainly cost you to drink on the grounds. A standard tequila margarita will set you back $140 pesos, or an even more painful $180 pesos for a “premium” tequila. That was more expensive than anything we paid at a bar or restaurant outside. For a hostel that sells itself on the pretense of entertainment, drinks should really be more affordable so that everyone can enjoy what’s on offer and socialize with other travellers. (Like come on guys, we are all trying to travel on a budget.)

But listen, it certainly wasn’t all bad. The dorms were super spacious, storage lockers were available with each bed, and we did meet some nice people. There was never a concern regarding security as the property itself was gated, plus everyone needed a key to get into the dorm. Bonus points earned there for sure!

Staff were also friendly, however there were a few instances where they could have done a lot more to help. We were left without hot water and air conditioning during our stay despite informing the staff about the issues we were experiencing. It wasn’t only us that addressed these either, as we learnt that one other individual in our dorm had told the staff as well.

It’s safe to say we wouldn’t necessarily be in a rush to stay here again. However if you’re not too worried about cash, your experience might just be completely different.

You can find out more about Hostel Che via Hostel World.

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