Stay Review - Bostel Rancho Viejo, San José Del Pacífico

Quick Snapshot

Location: Bostel Rancho Viejo, Rancho Viejo, San José del Pacífico, Oaxaca

Arrangement: 6 Bed Dorm

Duration: 3 nights

What we loved most: A cosy but ultra modern retreat providing the most scenic of views!

Our Stay Review

Everything happens for a reason, and we are so glad that things worked out the way they did. You see, San José del Pacífico was not part of our original route through Mexico. But naturally things change as you converse with other travellers and learn of their experiences. We hadn’t heard of the place until people spoke of Oaxaca, and we decided to dig a little deeper. This is when we discovered a mystical little town tucked away in the mountains; a town known for its beautiful hikes, breathtaking views and, of course, its magic mushrooms.

Sounds awful doesn’t it?

Obviously it didn’t take long to decide that we would change our route to make it to San José, and quite honestly it didn’t take long to decide where we would stay either. There was just something about Bostel Ranjo Viejo that intruigued us more than the other properties listed online. Perhaps it was the ultra modern interiors, the cosy looking dorms, or the insane views across the mountains.

Spoilt for views!

We later learned that the Bostel part of the property, where we had chosen to stay, had only been open since early November (hence the drop dead gorgeous design!) Everything from the cigar lounge style sofa, and heavenly-soft blankets, to the cutlery ware and knife selection, were just waiting to be used.

This was paradise, untouched.

The positives go way beyond physical luxuries though, and there are some things money cannot buy. It is a testament to the staff that all guests felt like kings during their stay. They could not have done any more to ensure that people were happy, constantly asking if they could do anything to help, and giving full freedom to eat, drink and smoke whatever one fancied.

Despite being in the mountains, supplies never felt short (besides from the complete lack of ATM’s. Be sure to take MORE than enough cash with you.) Restaurants deliver late and you can ask at reception to see the menus so they can organize everything for you. If you feel like cooking, there is plenty of local produce on offer in the village. You also have full use of the (currently NEW) kitchen and appliances.

What we really loved about this hostel was the community feel it created among the travellers. This was enhanced by the log fires both in the living room and outside, inviting everyone to pour a glass of wine and enjoy the evenings together.

Get cosy as the sun goes down…

If you decide to stop by San José, we highly recommend a stay at Bostel Rancho Viejo!

In the mood for something a bit more private? The ranch also has a selection of Cabins.

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