Helpful apps to download for travelling Latin America

Travel made easy with these apps (and cocktails!)

Check out our little black book of apps to download to make travelling Latin America so much easier:

Maps ME

For: Offline maps

Download the country map of where you’ll be travelling before your visit to enjoy offline directions throughout your stay.

Google Translate (offline)

For: Translation

Whilst it does work better with internet, you can download Google Translate to use the offline services in case of emergencies.

XE Exchange

For: Keeping note of different currencies

A guy in our hostel shared this app with us whilst we were staying in Tulum. It’s really handy to convert the local currency into yours so you can know exactly how much things are.

Hostel World

For: Booking stays

This app is a godsend from the hostel lords. Boasting a huge database of properties across the globe, Hostel World makes it so much easier to find and book your stays. You can easily refine your searches too depending on what you’re looking for, i.e price, facilities, location etc.


For: Editing underwater footage

Thanks to Selini’s friend for sharing this one with us! Dive+ enables you to achieve perfect colors in your underwater photos and videos. The free version places a watermark on your final content, but the placement makes it easy for you to crop out without loosing too much of your photo or video. Check out these before & after images taken on Selini’s phone whilst swimming with turtles at Akumal Beach in Tulum:

Split Wise

For: Keeping track of expenditures as a couple or group

We don’t use this much anymore but it was really useful in the beginning, hence why it has earned a spot on this list. When you’re travelling as a couple or a group it can get confusing keeping track of who spends what; someone buys a round here, someone else buys a round there. Splitwise easily tracks what everyone has spent and shows who owes money, so they can either buy next or even settle it at the end of every week (depending on how you choose to do it.)

Uber (and Uber Eats)

For: Transport and Food Delivery

Getting around certain cities in Mexico is HEAPS cheaper if you use Uber. Just be prepared that it’s not available everywhere in the country, like Cancun for example. It is available in places like Merida and Mexico City though.

As for Uber Eats, if you read our piece on What we’ve learnt from travelling Mexico so far, you’ll understand that sometimes food delivery is just necessary.

Have you found any other apps to be helpful during your travels? If so, we’d love to hear about them. You can message us directly via our post pandemic travellers Instagram page.

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