6 reasons why you have to visit Montanita, Ecuador!

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably already heard of Ecuadors party beach town and are hunting for more information on whether you should include it in your travel itinerary or not.

This is your sign… you DEFINITELY should!

We spent 5 days absorbing the magic of this place and would have stayed much longer if we weren’t on such a time crunch for our backpacking adventure across South America. It was a perfect amount of time, however, to get first-hand experience of its reputation as a surfing paradise, safe haven for travellers, and, their insane parties.

Check out our 6 main reasons why you absolutely have to visit Montanita, Ecuador!

1. Dance the night away at the best parties of your whole trip

2. Swim away your hangovers at Playa Montañita

3. Meet likeminded travellers from all across the world

4. Roam the streets without any concern for your safety

5. The kindness of the local people

6. Memories that will last a lifetime!

Dance the night away at the best parties of your whole trip

As mentioned above, this place is well-known for its nightlife scene. During the week we were told by our hostel that different clubs each had their main night with a couple of days designated for resting - even though you will find a buzzing atmosphere any day of the week.

We didn’t check this information with any other hostel. Depending on where you stay they may tell you different clubs as to what we were told. But we trusted our hostels recommendations as to where they told us was ‘the night,’ and we had a ball every single time.

Music wise there is nothing short of techno, house and reggaton, so you can dance your heart out to whatever takes your fancy.

Our particular favorite spots were Lost Beach and Poco Loco. If you spend a night at Lost Beach be sure to visit the underground club when the main space closes. Apparently the DJ’s do not stop playing until the last person leaves. We left around 3am but heard that they didn’t close until 1pm that afternoon!

There are also endless spots for bar crawling and day drinking if you’re looking for something slightly less crazy.

Swim away your hangovers at Playa Montañita

Or surf - if your body can handle that!

Whilst we aren’t surfers we could appreciate why Montanita has earned its rep as a paradise among cool beach dudes. Waves were always consistent, never crazy big, but allowed people to catch them pretty successfully.

We opted for morning swims instead (well, technically afternoon by the time we woke from the night before.) The waves make for a playful dip whilst not being too harsh on your stomach. There’s also plenty of space along the beach for tanning or replenishing yourself with a beer (see a pattern emerging here?)

Meet likeminded travellers from all across the world

Hopefully by this point you can begin to understand why this place is so popular amongst backpackers. We had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people from all over the world - nationalities we hadn’t met along our trip so far. This makes for a really diverse experience as you can converse and party with so many beautiful people.

Roam the streets without any concern for your safety

You might think that by being a party town that this place could run the risk of being dangerous. The two of us always felt safe no matter what time of the day we were walking around, which is a great thing as you’re usually strolling around the streets quite late at night/early morning. That being said, you should always practice sticking in groups plus general safety in hostels and on transport wherever you are in South America. Yes our experience here was absolutely fine. But there is always that risk wherever you are.

The kindness of the local people

From the restaurant owners to hostel workers we found everyone who crossed our path to be incredibly friendly. The majority of people speak basic English as well which always makes life easier.

Memories that will last a lifetime!

The days where you party until the sun comes up to the afternoons you spend snoozing in a hammock, every moment in Montanita was memorable. It will always have a special place in our hearts, and we are sure it will in yours too!

Wondering where to stay in Montanita? We stayed at My Little house Surf&Backpacker Hostel and would highly recommend it.

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